Electrostatic Transfer Belt,ETB

Electrostatic Transfer Belt Description

The Electrostatic Transfer Belt is manufactured using an extrusion process from a semi-conductive carbon black filled Fluoropolymer with an equivalent internal diameter of 235mm.


The material composition of the belt shall be made from a polymer composition of Poly butylenes terephthalate, with carbon black as the semi-conductive filler. The Belt shall be seamless in construction. The material shall be an Poly butylenes terephthalate that meets all mechanical and electrical properties.


  • Inner diameter:235±2mm
  • Belt width :250±2mm
  • Belt thickness :0.145±0.02mm
  • Tensile Strength(ASTM D882) :MD&TD 5kg/mm2
  • Elongation Strength (ASTM D882) : MD&TD 50%↓
  • Elongation Module(ASTM D882) MD&TD 40kg/mm2
  • Breaking Strength (ASTM D1938) MD&TD 2KG/mm ↑
  • Belt Shrinkage(43.3℃,7 Days) :﹤0.1%
  • Volume Resistivity :109~1011Ω.cm
  • Surface Resistivity:109~1011Ω/□

Belt Assembly picture

Patient is in the process of applying, and will be available for marketing after certification approving.